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Advertise your ad using first and third party data on millions of screens across the globe.


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What we are

Aduclick is a group of people who believes in ‘out of the box’ ideas to promote ads and empower both the Demand and Supply side. Being one of India’s growing programmatic media advertising solution, we help companies and organizations to connect with their targeted audience to all over the world.

What we do

Our ‘nothing is impossible’ attitude motivates us to do the impossible. With millions of impressions and leads per month, we help our clients grow their mobile marketing business with real and engaging users.

What we have

But how we attain global coverage and optimized algorithms? Thanks to our in-house technology, advanced fraud detection tools and monetization solutions, DSP and a large pool of direct publishers and premium clients. We don’t leave growth to chance, we work on it and make it happen.

Our Focus

Create Brand Awareness

With the help of ASO, Google Ads and Facebook ads, first and third party data, we target our audiences on millions screens across the globe. We just don’t buy impressions and we make one and use it to run killer campaigns.

Developing the Quality marketing.

Providing programmatic ad inventories and highest quality traffic sources like Native Ads, Influencers and Display, we target your audience to deliver proven ROI.

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High Performance Advertising:

With our innovative ad formats and creative user engagement, we unveil more performance marketing opportunities that drive maximum business results. Now with our in-house solutions, DSP and data, you can analyze millions of data sets and achieve full transparency.

Monetization with Quality Users:

When you know where your most audiences spend their most time, you can reach out to them and monetize with in-app advertising.

With our multi-tier media coverage, we engage with your audience at every mobile touchpoint.

Aduclick is basically a one-stop cross-media intelligent ad management platform which can make your campaigns a success. We have all the products to cater to your advertising needs and requirements.

  • Top media marketing solutions to connect with premium media publishers.
  • Programmatic marketing solutions to acquire users programmatically.
  • Performance based marketing solutions to scale campaigns.
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We offer the supply side monetization solutions to convert their audience and reach their revenue goals. Our programmatic ad inventories and other long-tail media provides easy monetization solutions through API and manually for app developers around the globe.

We have made it possible to connect the dots between demand and supply partners. Aduclick works with mostly with direct advertisers so that every publisher that connects with us get access to our global premium demand sources.

Hassle-free integration to generate revenue with high-performing in-app ads.

Multiple platforms inclusing iOS, Android and Windows mobile.

Innovative ad format to enhance the user experience.

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